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What is Colon Cleansing?

According to the folks at Wikipedia, Colon Cleansing is the act of utilizing supplements or hydrotherapy to remove backed up waste and toxins from the large intestine, or colon. The idea is that by helping the body in its natural waste removal processes, your intestinal tract will stay in its healthiest possible condition and will be able to perform its digestive functions at maximum performance.

Colon cleansing is used for everything from losing weight to helping relieve constipation and bloating. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the various colon cleansing supplements on the market today, uses for these products, and offer a selection of articles that have been written by professionals to share their insight about colon cleansing and why it can be beneficial to your health.

Recent Colon Cleanse Reviews

When we review a colon cleansing supplement here at My Colon Cleanse Reviews, our goal is to give you the straight truth about whether or not the cleanse is worth doing, what you might expect from taking it, and how much it will cost. Armed with this information, you – as a consumer, and the master of your own health – can make an educated decision about which colon cleanse product you want to try. Below are some of our most recent colon cleanse reviews; note that you can also count on always seeing our most recent posts up in the picture slider at the top of this page.

Digest It Colon Cleanse ReviewDigest It Colon Cleanse – The folks behind Digest It have made this into one of the better colon cleansing supplements on the market today. While it’s certainly not the least expensive colon cleanse out there, you can rest assured that you’re getting a high quality formulation with more than a dozen proven ingredients. We recommend this product to those suffering from regular constipation, as it does have some natural herb laxatives in the formula.

My Colon Cleanse Reviews Rating: 9.0 / 10

Bowtrol Colon CleanseBowtrol Colon Cleanse – Bowtrol is one of the colon cleansing supplements that has managed to survive through the economic downturn, thanks to its loyal fan base. It’s a supplement that works for many and can be taken long term without any nasty side effects or health issues. On top of having some of the standard colon cleansing herbs, Bowtrol also includes tons of probiotic bacteria, which have proven to improve colon health.

My Colon Cleanse Reviews Rating: 7.5 / 10

Irvingia Gabonensis - the African MangoIrvingia Gabonensis – Irvingia – also known as the “African Mango” – exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, thanks to studies which showed that it has been able to help reduce body fat in overweight and obese subjects when compared to placebo. In this review, we discuss what you can expect from Irvingia Gabonensis and in turn, from colon cleansing supplements that contain it in the formula.

My Colon Cleanse Reviews Rating: 8.0 / 10

Colon Cleansing Articles

The intestinal tract – and especially the colon – is one of the most complex set of organs and tissues in the body. Your colon handles most of the absorption of water from the food that you eat, as well as the reabsorption of water that is released as part of the digestive cycle each day. In addition, it plays host to trillions of bacteria, who work hard to assist the body with its many various tasks and help to prevent us from infection. To learn a bit more about the colon, the process of colon cleansing, and why it can be beneficial to one’s health, we’ve written a number of articles here on the site. Please browse through these links below to find information which can help you in your quest for perfect colon health. Enjoy!

Does Colon Cleansing Work?

In terms of removing waste from the colon and promoting regular intestinal movement and health, colon cleanses from reputable sources most definitely work. However, the debate has been raging for years about which particular ailments or diseases colon cleansing is best used to treat. As with any other health supplement, colon cleansing works best when added on to a healthy diet and regular exercise. After all, you can’t expect your digestive system to function at its peak efficiency if you are throwing in nothing but junk foods and sugary sodas. As the old saying goes… “garbage in, garbage out!”

The three main uses for colon cleanses are the prevention or relief of constipation, weight loss, and general health.

Colon Cleansing to Prevent Constipation

If you are suffering from regular constipation, feelings of being bloated a few hours after meals, straining on the toilet or other dysfunctions in passing your waste, you might want to give a colon cleanse a try. Most of the good colon cleansing supplements include a number of natural and bulk-forming laxatives in low doses, which means that they will help to support your natural passage of waste without leaving you running for the bathroom shortly after taking your daily dose.

Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss

Weight loss is one area that colon cleansing has received a lot of attention throughout the past few years. Thanks to recommendations from a wide variety of health professionals, doing a one-month or longer colon cleanse has now become a regular occasion for those who are looking to shed a few additional pounds here and there. It’s important to note that doing nothing but taking a colon cleanse supplement each day is unlikely to produce significant weight loss; like any health supplement, your colon cleanse is best paired with healthy eating and an exercise program.

For this reason, many of the colon cleanse manufacturers include some form of “thermogenic” or fat burning herb in their formulation, in order to promote additional caloric burn and to help speed up weight loss.

As an added bonus, most are also offering free memberships to their weight loss programs to all of their customers. The reputable colon cleanse manufacturers realized that many of their clients are looking for every possible means to assist them with losing weight, so offering additional help in the form of free eBooks, forums, calorie tracking resources and diet managers was a natural fit.

Colon Cleansing for Good Health

This is the area where most of the debate occurs in regards to colon cleansing; if you aren’t sick and the body is capable of handling things on its own, why would you do a cleanse? Proponents of colon cleansing suggest that taking the natural herbs found in high quality colon cleansing products on a daily basis does more to promote colon health than simply eating food and praying for the best. To complicate matters, medical studies and clinical trials have shown both benefits and no effects at all from certain colon cleansing supplements.

As to whether or not you need colon cleansing products to maintain daily colon health – the decision is up to you. If you are a fit, healthy individual who doesn’t ever experience any regular constipation or other issues with passing feces, you probably aren’t in need of a colon cleanse. However, if you do suffer from constipation or if you are looking for a supplement that will help with your weight loss, a colon cleanse is worth a shot.

What about Colon Cleansing Scams?

Unfortunately, there have been a number of shady supplement companies and operators that have come in to the market in the past few years, offering “free trials” and then ripping their customers off by charging them massive fees for monthly colon cleanse shipments. This has done nothing but cause problems for those who are genuinely interested in the potential health benefits of colon cleansing, and how maintaining colon health can ward off a number of illnesses.

While we cannot guarantee that any supplement will or will not have the effects that you desire from it, what we CAN guarantee is that we will do our very best to protect you from shady “free trial” offers that end up being nothing but a scam. As you can see in the sidebar, there are a number of cleanses listed under the “discontinued cleanses” column, and we do not recommended making use of any of these products if you do find them.

Rest assured – if we come across any scams in the future, they will be posted up on this blog for everyone to see and so that you can avoid them.

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