Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid While Colon Cleansing

December 15, 2008

Apples are a great colon cleanse foodWhether this is your first colon cleanse or not, and no matter how long you are planning on cleansing for, it is critical to ensure that you’re eating the proper foods during and after your cleanse.

Here are some foods that you will want to avoid during your colon cleanse:

Fried Foods – foods that are fatty and heavy in fats or grease will be a detriment to your cleanse. Be sure to stay away from all things fried, and especially stay away from fast food.

Junk Food – junk food should need no explanation. Your cleanse will be compromised if you’re eating junk food while you’re on it. Stay away from chips, soft drinks, sugary foods, pretzels, pop tarts, and whatever else gives you your fix.

White flour and rice – If you’re the type that can’t get by without your daily toast, stay away from the white bread and pick up a loaf of 100% whole wheat. The same goes for rice — stay away from minute rice and aim for whole grain brown rice. It takes a bit longer to cook, but has a much higher level of nutrients and fiber.

Prepackaged Foods - try to stay away from anything that is processed. On top of having any number of added chemicals, processed foods tend to have very high levels of salt, which will negatively impact your cleanse by dehydrating you and taxing your digestive system.

Here are some of the foods that you want to include in your daily diet while cleansing:

Water – water is one of the requirements for life and is the most important part of your cleanse. Your body will require a good deal of water to assist with flushing the toxins out of your colon and digestive tract. Be sure to keep your body well hydrated.

Fiber – foods with high amounts of fiber — especially insoluble fiber, or what your Grandmother calls “roughage” — are excellent foods to consume during your cleanse. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal or bran flakes will assist with clearing out your system during the cleanse and maintaining a proper working order afterward. Acai is a recommended dietary supplement to take while colon cleansing due to its high fiber.

Chlorophyll – foods that are a deep green color generally contain high amounts of chlorophyll, which will help with soothing damaged tissues in your colon. Think of vegetables such as spinach, kale, wheatgrass, buckwheat and others.

Healthy Fats - your body still needs fats, but it’s important to be picky which kind of fats you’re taking in. Aim for “healthy” fats, such as olive or nut oils, oily fish such as salmon, or foods like avocado. Flax has a high level of omega fatty acids as well, and can easily be added to many dishes.

After reading through both of those lists it should come as little surprise that the foods to avoid should be avoided all of the time, and the foods to eat should be part of your regular diet. Having a successful colon cleanse and a healthy, functioning colon requires you to maintain a healthy diet. Your colon cleanse will improve the overall health of your digestive system — it’s up to you to maintain your good health going forward!

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